The Green Watchers

Soon , after we settled all the monster , we found a spiral staircase .As we went down , we found a chamber containing two big stone statues and a sarcophagus .  I promised I will let Faeron and Ryotine go foward and face the monster themselves first . But , I failed my promise to myself.

One of the statues brought me down and another was trying to grab with the Kim. Roughly , I saw others than me and Kim , others are fighting the man which just turn into alive after skeleton. No longer , I stop struggling because the statues stop while I stop.

“ENOUGH !” The man shouted and the statues just fall on me.  The man was teacher of Faeron and the interaction between Faeron and him was quite interesting because it is prohibit to act disrespectful to my teacher. The man , Saithnar told us that Miastar was the one who bring him alive and want him to told us about the history.  The origin of Ossington was “The Green Watchers” which was a group of ranger and druids .  Another thing he mentioned was many gods was observing us for a long time .  Shit , some really dorking thing is really going to happen. Saithnar gave Faeron his armor and weapon before Faeron’s weapon transformed into a longer weapon and created a blast sound. Then we return Ossington for rest . 

The next morning , we continued our explore to the Red Horse Hill. We met the horseman but he wasn’t aggressive at all . We pass by him . 

“I don’t think he is that aggressive as Quanta they said but the fear of my party members were sure. What’s going on ? He was the another victim of evil power or he was trying to proof us something ?” 

The horseman did a action which the follower of Zaladin always did during prayers before he sank into the center of a lake. We dig out the skeleton of the horseman , his horse and his belonging but we can’t find his skull . Although his plate mail was kinda in a bad conditions , I did know the symbol of Zaladin on his plate mail . 

 Rest in peace, my brother . I will help you to complete what you want to do while you are alive just like our gods do .  I burried him and wanted to find back his skull . 

When we were backed to Ossington , the others party members tell that the horseman was gone and we went to find Tully ..

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The Barrow which build by friends and almost killed by friends

I was separated from my party for one day . At the end , they returned with some serious wound and told me what was happening to them . 

Next day , we decide to visit the tower. While we were on the way , Ryotine seems to know some script which carved into one of the stone and she was the only one who able to read it. Then , Ryotine was left to read the script while we were heading to the tower. 

I didn’t think we found anything useful through because every evil know how to use the mystery of legend to control and bring fear to the civilization. Soon , we decide to visit the silence keepers. Ryotine and Faeron received the same vision. “Maybe there two are even related in the past ?” 

No longer , we reached the barrow where the horseman was using about the legend of these. Ryotine and Faeron know this barrow was build by them and they were setting up quite many thing to protect this barrow . 

Once we enter ,  the elementals (which I thinks was summon by Ryotine) almost killed us and the trap(which I think was Faeron) did the same to us. Maybe next time , I can leave them fight and continue explore myself , I think when I was fighting the fire element with Irgar.


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Before we started our journey to Ossington with the monk and babarians , I modify my shield with a Pahpeebee symbol on it and Quanta identify all the item we got.

According to Uralis the old woman from the monk group , Kim was a legend among them during young days. Logically , he was dead now but he still alive .

If Uralis is true , Kim , Faeron and Ryotine should old as her. Perhaps others in the party should be the same. Some dorking thing will really will happen because the cycle of life shouldn’t be turn according to nature.”  I didn’t tell others party members because they seem happy with their live now.

Soon , the group of babarians and monk headed back to a trail leading up to a hill. At the movement we continue our journey to Ossington. Soon , we met a group of three and chased by a giant big bird. The bird was nothing besides it killed a man called Harry. 

“May You Rest in Peace with the blessing of Pahpeebee” I said while closing Harry’s eyes. After that, we rested at an Inn of Giant’s Blade.

“There’s weird . We see no one on the room. I though Ossington is a busy town ?” we didn’t even see a shadow of a single person as we were approaching Ossington.

“Help !” Kim marched to the peassant who was yelling for help. At the time , we saw a horseman in plate mail while his face obscured by a mask. “Clam down,” Kim said but the head of the peasant already dropped . Then the horseman vanished.

What the dork is happenning in front of my evil ? Such a restless soul was haunting this place , no wonder there’s no sight of animal and human. I should find the horseman and banished him from this surface.”  At this movement , I tried to find out something about myself. 

By night , we reached farm house . The daughter , Tanasha told us that  the horseman and wild elves were killing them from preventing them growing food. She suggested go to find the Elder Murdows at the village . Then we rested for a night. 

When Ossington was getting nearer , my mind was blur. I can’t really concentrate about my surrounding . I just follow my party members to a chapel . My mind suddenly become clear when I saw the symbol of Pahpeebee.  We know that we going to make peace with the god and prepare to die. Once we were out of the chapel , some thing just went into my brain and bring me back to the blurry condition but this time , I saw the whole of the “some thing” .

I dream about Chinchón . Maybe that’s the reason why I awake in the weird place with Faeron , Kim , Quanta , Ryotine and Irgar ? Meanwhile  , we reached Ossington . We welcome by a group a starving citizens.


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A journey with the new friend

Soon , Ssz’raz join us a part of the party member . “Is that a accident ? why I think this party going to have some serious matter to happen which is maybe save this world ?” I thought while we were helping Ssz’raz to complete Semuanya’s order. Soon , we found a stone minotaur with a waraxe in a small room. 

In the same room, we saw a shield and a warhamer . Both had a red gem with it. I took the red gem shield once I saw . “DAM YOU ROHAN !”  Once I turn back , I felt a strong wing at one inch of my left . the miotaur turning into life and ready to swing his waraxe again. I smiled because I know I mess thing up again . “What the dork …” I said meanwhiile I saw Ssz’raz was shaking his head. 

Soon , we finished the minotaur . We got the red gem shield and the red gem warhammer. With luck , we found a red gem helm soon . And it is in a glass chest. We unlock it but we couldn’t reach it. I smash it twice with warhammer and the waraxe(from the minotaur) , Ryoutine poke it with a scymittar , rang a broken bell yet we still couldn’t get it. “let me try it” word from Irgar. Irgar just turned the key twice and the red gem helmet was there. Suddenly , I could feel someone was laughing from nowhere maybe Pahpebbe or Semuanya or both . 

We had three red gem item . We locate three of them on three statues , a mace and two rings just appear in front of us . I took the mace while another two ring were with Irgar and Faeron . My mace start a small explosion while it touched the mace of Ssz’raz. It start to grow blue and turn cold while Ssz’raz was mention . I saw Ssz’rik was holding his mace tight and stare at me with suspect look. No longer , we exit the ziggurat. 

Once we were out of the ziggurat , we rushed back to Jolton because the kobolds may launch the attack at dawn which still got few more hours to go. We exist the jungle and met Lhanz which is the wife of Ssz’raz . We told her the plan of Ssz’raz and she agreed and want us to promise didn’t kill any lizardfolks (which we killed plenty of them inside the ziggurat) . Once we reach the defend line of Jolton , we gave the intrusction to the commander and we promise to slay the kobold leader Bruckgack. 

As planned , we slayed Bruckgack . “Something is wrong , it is too easy. ” I think while we returning back to Jolton with the head of Bruckgack. 

Through out the whole war , many was injured and killed . Jinna and me were quite busy taking care of injured. In few days , our party just hanging around in the town. 


“The kobold will return , by that time , I shall turn into a stronger cleric and find out the evil behind all this and elimate it” Once I said this , some dream of burnned house and a horrible face come to me almost every night. 

after some rest , we decide to go for Ossington where located at the north of Jolton….

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The Horseman

After the war of Jolton , we were heading to Ossington . We saw a spirit horseman who just killed a man in front of our eyes . “Such a restless soul .. ” I was shocked . “Ossington must not that peace for a long period ” I whispered to myself while we are on the way .

While we were still on the way to Ossington , I felt something strange . It wasn’t headache but I can sense something evil was around this area . Some memory (I guess) start to appear in my brain. 

I was walking alone to Chinchón to investigate some strange phenomena like animals sudden death , villagers strange disease , creatures turns aggressive and so on . I was travelling alone because the high priest stated that , those phenomenas were cause by a evil hidden around Chinchón but there’s will be other cleric and exorcist .  Once I reached , every problem solved .. because Chinchón is no longer there . I saw an abandoned village , no sign of life . Houses were burn , rotted body lying everywhere no matter adult’s or children’s , track of black magic and some mystery weapon were also every where.  Another thing is , I felt someone just summon monsters from evil plane that normally was power’s of expert evil shaman capable . But I can’t see others cleric and exorcist , I predict they were one of rotted dead body that lying around this .

“I must put all these soul in peace by finding the source of the evil that hidden around here!” After few days of scouting , I discover there’s a weird tomb behind of an abandoned long time house at the center of this village . The tomb was full of insect like scorpion and the more closer I get to , I felt something was pulling my soul away. “That’s the one !” I draw out my heavy mace and ready my Pahpeebee tower shield while moving slowly to the tomb.

Once I reached , the tomb was just a normal tomb until I land my Holy symbol on it.  The tomb just explode and I fly behind. I stood up right after I landed and saw a undead’s hand was holding my neck while he was lifting me up . Another of his hand touched my chest , I blacked out……    We reached Ossington . 

The next day , I was resting inside Ossington while others party member are going out for explore. Once they returned , they told me they fought with the horseman. I didn’t know why , but I felt the Horseman somehow didn’t mean to kill us. “Another victim like villagers of Chinchón ? Control by someone evil or He is trying to protecting something ??’
I decided to find out his truth with more caution this time .

We met him at the lake of Red Horse Hill. He was so calm that I can’t believe he attacked my party members. But still , everyone draw their own weapons while we went around him. He walked to middle of the lake calmly while we were  mid way of searching the lake. He did a pray exactly like a Zaladin worshipper then he sank into the middle of lake.

 With the help of Irgar and Ryoutine , we manage to find him out and yup , he was a follower of Zaladin because he has the symbol of Zaladin on his platemail. I buried him with the bless of Pahpeebee and hope Zaladin can forgive what he did to those villagers.

“This time , an evil killed a lawful human. he just tying to protect something like what Zaladin always does . Next time , I will find the evil and killed it with the help of Pahpeebee. Rest in peace , my friend..” I stood in front of the horseman tomb and made a promise with him. 

“No evil should be allow in this world . I will hunt down every evil until this world is free from the the evils ! ” I turned around and left Red Horse Hill with my party members.

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Enemy becomes ally

Once we settled those lizard and kobold , Faeron is with us . Obviously , Faeron is taking his time up there or the stair is taking his time . Anyway , we killed all of them.

Faeron and Irgar goes to scout ahead while we all nearly burn by the fire from both of the dragon heads. “This ziggurat seem nothing but with a lot of trap and lizard ,” I think . Seconds later , someone start the fight again . “Dam it .. Another round of lizard .. Haizz..” I said softly while I am handling my glowing mace and walking forward . 

Even with the light from our light source , I cant really see what’s on the wall . The wall seem  different from other wall from other room . But , we have no time to investigate cause we see another two group of enemy , as usual , the lizard and the kobold . I think they are everywhere even inside the toilet . 

AS the fight is about reaching the end , I charge toward the kobold spell caster. “Guess what , the lizard is on our side ! Again , we killed everyone and want to say sorry ! ” I say to myself while I swing my heavy mace into the the head of kobold spell caster. 

However , I think lizard is a group of creature that is easy to convince . Faeron tell the lizard leader that we kill his race because of “self defence” while the truth is we are trying to kill everyone that we THINK is a danger . Anyway , I just keep my mouth shut before the lizard leader kick us out and kill us off . Surprisingly , the lizard leader is the first cleric I met so far . While his god , Semuanya seems is a powerful god that has the same position as my god , Pahpeebee . 

I guess I change my mind while I know they are on our side or we are on their side . Now , they need our help to find some relic and we need their help to settle the war that’s ahead of Jolton where I can find out my identity and my past . A fair enough deal . Hope so …


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Inside the ziggurat

After 8 hours of rest , we decide to move on . Once we entered the ziggurat’s side gate , there’s no dead body there . While we proceed to the ziggurat that where the secret switch is located , we do find out that the two mega lizard we kill and their cage are arranged well

“I gonna cut them into pieces by my sword !” Faeron go and cut the 2 mega lizard into pieces and yeah , it is so weird for me even I am one of the people that agree to cut them down . 

“Where’s the small lizards ?” someone said . But no one give a dam while Ryoutine see two little shadow are at top of the ziggurat we want to enter . As usual , Irgar and Faeron will sneak up and attack them but Faeron doesn’t deal any fatal damage . 

“Again , another lizard fight , ” I sighed while I am still running towards them. Kim run with me but eventually both just get attack from the lizards . We entered the ziggorat after loot .

Kim and me just standing behind behind when those elf and another half elf is with another little kid messing around a button . Then , the half-elf angry and go away cause stab by a sword . Haha , elf is just a race like doing shit around without helping . Finally , Irgar help and we sucessfully reach the inner underground . 

Once we reach , “haiz , another lizard fight ….” I draw my light crossbow after I summon the sling of Pahpeebee . Without a doubt , we kill them all . Well , the wizard is doing something now at least while I swing my mace to the last lizard. 

“I dont want my life full with lizard ” I sighed .

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